Examen de recuperación de Inglés – 1° Sec.


1. Match the greetings:

a) See you later                        ___ Cuidate
b) Nice to meet you                 ___ Hasta luego
c) You´re welcome                  ___ Qué pasa?
d) Take care                              ___ Gusto en conocerte
e) What´s up?                           ___ De nada

2. Identify the parts of body:


3. Complete using the Verb To Be:

a. The cat _______ eating fish.
b. I _______ writing in the board.
c. Maria _______ playing volleyball.
d. My friends _______ the best.

4. Complete using present progressive:

Lucy and I ______ ___________ soccer.                                      Peter ______ ___________ a book.

5. Match the time:

6. Complete using the personal pronouns:

a. __________ are dancing salsa.
b. __________ is reading a book.
c. __________ am cooking.
d. __________ is surfing the web.

7. Identify and complete using the prepositions of time:

______ July                              ______  Ten o´clock                          ______ 80´s
______Monday                        ______ Winter                                    ______ 10:00 a.m
______2020                              ______ July 20th                               ______ Spring
______Summer                        ______Wednesday                            ______ April 10th

8. Complete using the Possessive Pronouns:

a. Kelly always forgets __________ books at home.
b. We love __________ school.
c. John teaches __________ class in the morning.
d. I have a car. The car is __________.

9. Complete using Demonstrative Prononuns:

a. __________ sweaters on sale.
b. __________ sweater is very nice.
c. __________ jeans are old fashioned.
d. __________ jackect is on sale!

10. Match the question and answer:

a. Hi!                                            _____ My name is _______________
b. How are you?                         _____ I am fine, thank you.
c. What is your name?              _____ See you!
d. How do you spell it?             _____ Hello!
e. Well, bye!                                _____ It´s ____________________.


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