Welcome to your MONTHLY EXAM - PRIMARY

1. Match the Greetings:

a) You´re welcome                     ___ Hasta luego
b) Take care                                 ___ Gusto en conocerte
c) Excuse me                                ___ De nada
d) See you later                            ___ Disculpame
e) Nice to meet you                     ___ Cuidate

2. Mark the correct Time:

3. Mark the correct Time:

4. Complete with the articles a – an:

I am _______ English teacher. My sister is _______ engineer in _______ factory. We have _______ aunt and _______ uncle. They live in _______ house with _______ beautiful garden.

5. Complete using There is – There are (Affrimative form)

  1. _________________ a restaurant near my house.
  2. _________________ many children in the school.
  3. _________________ a bag on the table.

6. Complete using Is there – Are there (Interrogative form)

  1. _________________ many trains to Madrid?
  2. _________________ any milk in the fridge?
  3. _________________ ten banks near here?

7. Complete using the Verb To Be:

a. _______ writing in the board
b. Richard and I _______ the best. .
c. Lucero_______ playing volleyball
d. The cat_______ eating fish.
e. Andre y Alex_______ reading a book.

8. Complete using the personal pronouns:

a. Lucy and I: _____________
b. José: _____________
c. The house: _____________
d. My friends: _____________
e. Sheyla: _____________

9. Write two sentences using personal pronouns and verb to be, affirmative, negative and interrogative form:


IS:                                                                                                                                                       ARE:


A: ________________________________________                                             A: ________________________________________

N: ________________________________________                                             N: ________________________________________

I:  ________________________________________                                              I:  ________________________________________


A: Affirmative

N: Negative

I: Interrogative


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